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PAHorseMall is Under New Ownership

| Blogs, PaHorseMall | 03/03/2016

Welcome to! If you’re already a member, welcome back! We are excited to announce that has undergone a change in ownership. As of February 26th, DeAnn Sloan and Matt Leo own and run DeAnn purchased her first horse as an adult from in 2013, so she has a sentimental attachment to the site and is committed to seeing it succeed and grow. Matt is a Web Designer/Developer and brings over 16 years of technical expertise to keep the website user-friendly and running smoothly.

We are grateful to Shelly for starting the site in 2002 and the dedication she has shown in keeping it going for the past 14 years. We can’t wait to continue the legacy she began as we work to improve the site with great new features and offer our members expanded services.  We are committed to meeting the needs of our current members, many of whom have been loyal to the site for a number of years, as well as attracting new members in order to generate greater exposure for our listings.

DeAnn & Matt


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It’s all about YOU & YOUR HORSE…

| PaHorseMall | 09/24/2013

PaHorseMall’s ultimate mission and purpose is to connect and network all horse owners and enthusiasts in the entire tri-state area of PA, OH, WV, and all neighboring states with each other and with everything horse and farm related.

As a resident horse enthusiast in our tri-state community, PaHorseMall is not complete without YOU!

Please join us and become a part of THE most valuable and comprehensive resource available in our equine community by visiting and browsing often and listing everything you have to offer! Choose the package that best suits your needs, from $9.95 Economy ads, to reasonably priced Premium ads offering a featured home page listing, up to 5 photos, website, and video links.

Stop in and browse around TODAY and EVERY day at

And remember, we are just a phone call or email away if you need help: click on the “Contact” link from any page of the website.


…It is our absolute pleasure to serve you, our local equine community.

Happy Trails!
DeAnn Sloan and Matt Leo

*Business Owners! Please be sure list in our recently launched Biz Barn Directory” – Only $34.95 for a 6 month listing with all the bells & whistles!

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PaHorseMall FAQ and Troubleshooting

| PaHorseMall | 08/16/2013


In this post, I will address commonly asked questions and computer/browser related issues that sometimes arise affecting ad posting, navigation, searching, etc.

If you have questions or issues using PaHorseMall, please leave a reply below (you must click on the article title, “PaHorseMall FAQ and Troubleshooting” in order to leave a reply) and I will address them promptly.

If you’d like to contact me directly, please call 412-407-2213 or email
(You are welcome to submit ads via email at ANY time if that is easier for you)

Shelly Edinger, Site owner.


~ Problems Submitting an ad (Common with Internet Explorer):
This is a browser, cache issue most common with Internet Explorer. If this problem occurs for you, try the following:
1) Press “Ctrl + F5” on your keyboard to refresh the page and clear your browser’s cache.
*NOTE: if you have already filled in the description, save it to a separate document on your computer as this will clear all of your information from the form).
2) If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox (I use Google Chrome and LOVE it).
3) If none of the above work, email your ad information and photo/s to, and I will post your ad for you.
*Please let me know what issue you were having, what browser you were using, and device (desktop, laptop, mobile).

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Photo Re-sizing, EASY!

| PaHorseMall | 05/25/2013

Ever try to upload a photo to PaHorseMall, Email, or another site, and after all of your hard work —
“ERROR, Photo/s too large”

First, I would like to say that if you ever have problems uploading photos to PaHorseMall, and you’re NOT very “tech-inclined” please feel free to email your photos to me at:, and I will correct them for you and send them back so that you can upload them to your ad (or I can attach them for you).

But here is another wonderful solution allowing you to EASILY edit and re-size your photos:
Simply download and install: Photo! Editor to your computer and use this awesome program at your convenience for ANY need!
Oh, and it is FREE!

It is simple to use and includes handy, one-click functions including: Crop, Deblur, Enhance Color, Fix Red Eye, and more.

*One important note on this program that stumped me a little: The Re-size feature is, “Resample

To download this program or learn more, visit:

Happy Photo Editing!

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